Visitor registration system

How does the system work?

Place owners register their bars, clubs or venues on our website. After registration is approved, our system sends an SMS to the place owner with a link to a QR code poster for printing out and hanging on the wall near the entrance to the place.

Visitors scan the place’s unique QR code which automatically generates an SMS message e.g.:


The visitor presses SEND to send us the SMS.

(If the QR code doesn’t work on their phone, or they don’t have a smartphone, they can simply write the message INBAR BARNAME themselves and send it to the InBar short phonenumber for their country, instructions are on the poster)

First-time users of InBar get asked to confirm the privacy policy. They reply with the text AGREE.

The InBar system registers the place, time and date of their visit. They only have to AGREE to the privacy policy once, InBar will remember them for 21 days.

Visitors get a confirmation SMS message which they can show to the security staff to gain entry to the place, or to the server staff when they place an order for food or drink.

That’s all!

If the place owner finds out that someone with a positive COVID19 diagnosis was in his place, he tells the time and date to InBar and we send out a health warning link to all the visitors who were in the place on the same day (or night). The health warning is approved by the authorities in the country where the place is located.